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Tree Service in Portsmouth, NH; Dover, NH; Rye, NH; Hampton, NH; Barrington, NH & Durham, NH

tree service Portsmouth, NH Welcome to Burke's Tree service.  We are a family owned and operated business that has been providing tree in Hampton, NH & Durham, NH, since 1983. We also offer our services in Dover, NH; Rye, NH & the surrounding areas.

Richard Burke (my father) started this business as a part time job in the 70's.  Before 1983 he was Burke's lawn care, and that was his start.  While he was a full time cook he ran his own mowing service during his time off.  Just like all good professional businesses when you do great work and provide great service you start to grow without knowing it.  Well, before Dad knew it people were asking him to trim hedges, fertilize and spray insecticides and cut small trees for them.  Soon he found himself running a lawn crew, spraying and part time tree service that seemed to be growing quickly.  Dad was seeing more and more lawn services popping up and the demand for tree work was higher than the lawn care.  So he shut down the lawn care and from there on out we have been Burke's Tree Service.

Richard put his best foot forward and devoted all his time and efforts to tree removal, all the while thinking there must be a better and safer way to take trees down than climbing them and dropping them all over the customers' property.  That's when he drove to Wisconsin to buy his first bucket truck.  After several years of bucket truck work and a business that demanded more he still couldn't stop thinking he was missing something that would not only make him safer and more efficient but unique.

tree service Dover, NH Our first crane came along soon after.  It was an old electric/hydraulic sign crane with a ladder on the top of the boom.  Having no crane experience at all, and no one around here had thought of nor seen trees removed with a crane before, he knew it would be a risky move since he wasn't even sure it was allowed, but he pushed forward and persevered, starting a buzz in the area that couldn't be denied.  People would watch him work in amazement saying things like "I can't believe you had a tree floating over my house!" or "that's the most impressive thing I have ever seen!"  Customers heard about how we worked and would take the day off just to watch. 

Seven long days and nights for 25 years he spent every waking moment developing relationships with our community.  His dedication to making the customer happy & having high work standards has been passed down. Customers in Portsmouth, NH and Rye, NH recognize the company for quality work and great customer service.

What You Can Count On:

  • Professional staff
  • Fully insured
  • Safety awareness
  • Clean and reliable
  • Fair price
  • Emergency service
  • Always free estimates

stump removal We welcome calls from all over the Seacoast area, including Barrington, NH and Durham, NH.  Our tree service company has the experience you need for your job!

We offer tree service throughout Hampton, NH!

Burkes Tree Service LLC is here to help with your dead trees. Trees die from the top to the bottom. If you see a large number of dead branches high up in the top of your tree, it may be vanishing. Trees can take a number of years to fully die, and it may only be segments of the tree. Light pruning and branch removal can be completed at any time of the year. However, at Burkes Tree Service LLC we do not recommend that anyone attempt to prune or take out a branch from a large tree on their own. Burkes Tree Service LLC has experienced workers and even trucks for handling branches that are not easy to get to. So if you need tree service in Dover, NH or Hampton, NH, call us today!

We Do The Tough Ones:

Burke's Tree Service LLC is known for tackling difficult jobs in Rye, NH and Portsmouth, NH.  With a 160' crane, we are able to remove trees, which other services can't.  We also have chippers, stump grinders, a bucket truck and a crew that has been with Burke's Tree Service for years.  We can remove one tree or an entire lot.

Our Employees:

Our crews are professionals and trained in all aspects of tree removal.  Safety is the first priority.  We leave the job site clean.  Always professional and courteous we are here to help you accomplish your tree removal needs.

We Do More Than Trees:

We offer both residential and commercial snow plowing and salting. If you need service in Rye, NH or Barrington, NH, call us today!

We provide residents and landscaping professionals a variety for mulch, loam and washed sand.

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Products & Services

We provide you with - Tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, mulch, animal bedding, loam, sand, stone, sales & delivery, snow plowing, salting, sanding, stone dust, sand stone, washed sand, and much much more.

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